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£6.00 / m

* PVC Colour:



This is a 60inch/150cm wide top quality PVC fabric which is Waterproof and Fire Retardent.





This is the finest fabric that we have seen in this category.  It is fine quality fabric and I think it is every bit as nice as the best known PVC fabrics available anywhere, at, of course, a fraction of the price. It is perfect for boat covers, automobile covers, canopies, lorry tarpauline kiddy castles etc etc Just ,millions of uses anywhere that you would like the nice, long lasting waterproof fabric, but need something that will withstand the elements. The fabric has all of the characteristics that one would want:





We have this fabric in several colours INCLUDING marroon, white, orange, silver, red, yellow, green, blue and royal 

This has PVC on both sides sandwiching a mesh giving it fantastic strength.

If you requre a sample please email us...



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